France’s 30-cent ‘at the pump’ fuel discount to be extended

TotalEnergies is also prolonging the reduction applied at its petrol stations

The French government is to extend its 30-cent-per-litre fuel discount into November. It had been due to drop to 10 cents from November 1
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The government’s 30-cent-per-litre discount on petrol and diesel in France is to be extended into November.

The reduction was initially due to be cut to 10 cents per litre from November 1 before coming to an end altogether at the end of December.

However the current petrol station shortages being caused by strikes at French refineries have pushed fuel prices up, prompting the government to extend the measure until ‘mid-November’ (no precise date has yet been given).

TotalEnergies will also keep its 20-cents-per-litre discount – which was also set to fall to 10 cents from November – going for an extra two weeks.

Yesterday (October 16), 30.1% of French petrol stations were experiencing a shortage of one or several fuel products because of the strikes, and because deliveries are less numerous on weekends.

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The government has already carried out réquisitions in some refineries, obliging a certain number of employees to go back to work so that a minimum service can be provided, and Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne has said that further such orders could be made if the situation does not improve.

How does the 30-cent fuel discount work?

The measure applies to all fuels, including diesel, LPG, petrol, and other super ethanol, used by private individuals.

Professionals also benefit when using river and maritime vehicles, agricultural and forestry machinery etc. The only exception is aviation fuel.

The discount is automatically applied at all petrol stations and is included in the prices displayed at the pump.

You therefore do not need to do anything to benefit from the reduction, it is applied automatically.

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