French fuel prices on the rise again, topping €2 per litre

This comes as the country waits for the government’s 18 cent-per-litre discount to come in on April 1

Fuel prices are on the rise once again in France
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Fuel prices are rising again in France, and have tipped back over the €2 threshold for diesel and Super SP95 in many petrol stations.

A litre of diesel now costs €2.1165 on average as of yesterday (Monday, March 28), up 14 cents in comparison to the previous week according to figures from the ministry for ecological transition.

The current price is still lower, however, than the record €2.1407 per litre which was recorded earlier this month.

A litre of Super SP95 now costs €2.0042, marking a three cent rise on last week, and SP 95-E10 is at €1.9670, having also increased by three cents.

This comes in the same week that the government’s discount on almost all fuels is due to be introduced.

From Friday (April 1), motorists will be able to save 15 to 18 cents on each litre of petrol, with the amount depending on the VAT applied to the product.

For example, on mainland France, where VAT is at 20%, the discount will be 18 cents to take this into account. In French overseas territories where there is no VAT on petroleum products, it will be 15 cents per litre.

Service station tanks must be empty of the old fuel at the old price, before they can be filled with more fuel at the lower price. This means that some could still be offering the higher price come April 1.

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Most stations are, however, expecting to offer the new price from April 1.

The reduction is set to remain in place for four months. The discount will be applied automatically when paying, so drivers will not need to do anything to claim it.

Suppliers offer further discounts

The government’s blanket discount is being supplemented by further offers from fuel suppliers including supermarket chain Carrefour. However, most of these deals are only available on weekends.

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TotalEnergies is also adding an extra 10 cents to the existing discount.

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