Fuel in France: 18c refund to remain, says President Macron

The president confirmed the refund alongside a range of details on other measures, such as the ‘food cheque’ and driving licence points for minor speeding offences

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The 18c refund is set to remain into August, the president said, among a range of measures to protect spending power
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The 18 centimes ‘refund’ per litre of fuel is set to continue into August in France, President Emmanuel Macron has confirmed.

The president made the announcement during an interview with newspaper La Dépêche du Midi, as part of an update on measures that were introduced in April to improve the public’s spending power amid soaring inflation and fuel prices.

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In response to the question of whether the 18 centimes refund would be continued, Mr Macron simply said: “Yes, there must be a clear picture for our fellow citizens. I'm giving it to you [now].”

The president also said that he was “working” with Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin to decide on whether drivers caught speeding at less than 5km/h over the limit would no longer be docked points from their licence.

He said: “This philosophy of maintaining road safety requirements and having common sense is a good philosophy.”

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Mr Macron also advanced more details on the planned ‘food cheque (chèque alimentaire)’ for the most vulnerable households, stating that it would likely be paid in a single payment designed to be as “simple” as possible.

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He also said that France would “continue our investment so that more people have a job, and have work that pays”.

It comes after Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire confirmed that this autumn, the government would also provide support for “heavy users” of vehicles.

CEO of energy firm TotalEnergies also announced his company would bring in a new measure to reduce fuel bills for drivers this summer. Patrick Pouyanné said that the “summer special” would begin in July.

He said: “In particular, we will help holidaymakers who will be driving around this summer with a 10 centime discount on all TotalEnergies stations located on French motorways.”

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