Fuel price rises: France prepares more help for people who drive a lot

This is in addition to the government announcement of a 15 cent per litre discount on fuel

The government is reportedly preparing new measures aimed at helping ‘big drivers’ to cope with rising fuel prices
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France is preparing additional measures aimed at helping people who drive a lot to cope with rising fuel costs.

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Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire made reference to the new help at an event in Paris yesterday.

He said: “I am working on the prime minister’s request on measures targeting people on low incomes who use their vehicle because they do not have an alternative solution, and who are ‘big drivers’.”

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced over the weekend that from April 1, a 15 centime per litre discount will be applied to almost all fuel purchases in France, apart from E85 and heating oil, until July 31.

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“For an exceptional situation, [we introduce] exceptional measures,” Mr Le Maire told LCI. “The rise in the price of fuel is intolerable and unsustainable for millions of people.

“I know hundreds and hundreds of people who use their vehicle every day, who do 70km return trips every day, who have no other choice but to take their car and who are losing €200 or €300 on fuel. It’s unbearable.”

Mr Le Maire has also stated that between now and the end of the 15 centime discount support scheme, the government will work to develop an “almost automatic mechanism” which could be triggered for those who need it most when fuel prices rise as they have in recent weeks.

“The aim is that by July 31, we will have put in place a measure which will help those who are most dependent [on fuel], who drive a lot,” Ecological Transition Minister Barbara Pompili told RTL.

On Wednesday (March 16), Mr Castex is also due to outline a governmental support plan in response to the economic and social impacts of the war in Ukraine.

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