Heating oil and wood pellet prices lower than last year in France

The steep rises seen in autumn have already subsided

Wood pellets and heating oil enjoy more favourable prices this year
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The prices of wood pellets and heating oil have dropped significantly from their autumn peak and both are already much lower than at this time last year.

Both types of fuel typically see price increases in late summer as people fill up their winter reserves.

However, this year the price peaks for both passed early, with the price of heating fuel now at its lowest since July 2023 and wood pellets at their lowest since June 2022.

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What is the current price of wood pellets in France?

The national average price for one tonne of loose pellets (1.5m³) is €459.

For 66 bags of pellets (990kg), the price is €510.

What is the current price of heating oil in France?

The average price of heating oil is subject to significant regional variations.

  • In the least expensive department, Franche Comté, it is €1,196.
  • In the most expensive department, Midi Pyrénées, it is €1,256.

The average price nationally is currently €1,237

The prices for both wood pellets and heating oil typically decline slowly following their autumn peak, reaching their lowest levels in late spring. The decline has been faster this year, which could bode well for prices over the coming months.

The decreasing cost of both makes them an increasingly attractive alternative to electric heating, which will continue to see rising prices for the foreseeable future.

The price of electricity has risen by 30% in the past year alone, despite the government’s price shield, or bouclier tarifaire, which continues to protect people from the high prices seen elsewhere in Europe.

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