MAP: See where in France motorways are currently planned

As protestors are cleared once more from the site of the controversial A69 motorway project, we look at where new roads are planned (although not all may end up being built)

Some projects are set to be scrapped as part of ecological commitments
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Construction on the planned A69 motorway between Toulouse and Castres has resumed, after protestors were forcibly removed from the site once again last weekend.

It is set to be one of France's major new road routes, although has come under fierce criticism from environmental and local protestors.

However, unlike the A69, not all motorway projects that are currently proposed will be built.

Concerns over environmental impact from car travel – and a desire to increase the number of people using France’s train network – means the government plans to cancel some of the planned new routes.

The announcement of which projects will be kept is scheduled for later in the year, with little further information being given as of yet.

Currently, there are 10 projects that are either already under construction or in the project planning phase.

You can see their rough locations on our map below:

Some of the motorways would be entirely new stretches of road, such as the A412. Others, like the A147 between Poitiers and Limoges are upgrades of current Route Nationale roads (similar to A roads in the UK).

Certain projects will not be cancelled

Despite some projects being cancelled, certain controversial key projects already under construction will not be included and will continue.

One of these is the A104 near Charles de Gaulle airport, which was due to open this year but which has been pushed back to 2024.

You can read our full article about the proposed cancellations here.

A69 cleared of protestors once again

Another motorway that is sure to be built is the A69 motorway between Toulouse and Castres.

The motorway has caused much controversy, and has seen a number of protests at the site.

Another set of protestors were cleared from the site this Sunday (October 22) after further demonstrations, with workers now free to continue construction of the route.

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