MAP: what to expect to pay in top-up health insurance across France

There is large variation between departments but average cost is significantly more than €250 per month for a couple

Additional insurance costs can stretch into the thousands for retirees in France
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Monthly top-up health insurance costs for residents aged 60 or above have risen by 5% in 2023, according to a recent study.

However, rates for this optional coverage can vary by almost €100 a month depending on where you live.

In some departments, rates for those in the 70+ bracket can reach almost €350 per month whereas in others it is under €250.

By comparison, for a single person (i.e not married or in a civil partnership) aged 25, the average monthly cost in France is €33.84.

This is according to data from price comparison site Meilleurtaux.*

A combination of health worker shortages and an increase in cover from the 100% Santé scheme, which provides full cover for visual, auditory, and dental care between insurers and state reimbursements, have been cited as the main reason for the increased prices.

Where they are highest and lowest

The map below shows the average monthly household cost of top-up insurance for a couple with premiums near the higher end of the range.

Our map’s colouring is for a couple in the 70+ age bracket but if you click or hover on a department you will also see the monthly figure for a two-person household of people aged 60 – 70.

The three lowest departments are all situated in the east of France (and are coloured in yellow to show how different they are to the rest of the country). Predictably some of the most expensive areas are the Alpes-Maritimes, Paris and its surrounding departments and Gironde (which includes Bordeaux).

Even in the departments with the lowest costs, healthcare premiums for retirees have jumped up in recent years.

For example, the costs shown for Bas-Rhin and Moselle are over 8% higher than they were in 2022.

Our article from last week goes into more depth about the reasons behind the increases, and why top-up healthcare costs are so high for retirees in France.

*Report based on the data of 3,200 healthcare insurance plans collected by Meilleurtaux.

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