Multiple French airports evacuated over bomb threat call-ins

Hoax calls and suspicious packages have caused the evacuation of hundreds of passengers

The evacuations caused delays in numerous French airports
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A number of airports in France evacuated passengers this morning (October 18) after a host of hoax bomb threats were made.

Airports including Paris Beauvais, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Lille, amongst others, have been impacted, with at least 12 airports reportedly being affected.

Suspicious packages in airports including Nice were also cited as a reason for evacuations, alongside the call-in threats.

In some, flights were delayed from taking off and passengers landing were left to wait inside their planes or on the runways until an all-clear had been given.

All threats so far have been declared hoaxes, with no explosions confirmed, and no injuries recorded.

Most of the airports affected have resumed normal service.

Threats cause delays to flights

The calls and notifications of suspicious packages took place this morning, with security authorities across France currently on high alert.

France’s Interior Ministry confirmed numerous threats had been made, and told Le Parisien that “precautionary measures were being applied,” at airports.

This video posted on X (formerly Twitter) shows passengers at Toulouse-Blagnac airport being evacuated:

Airport social media pages announced the evacuations, with some staff using explosive detectors before giving the all-clear and allowing passengers to return.

A combination of the temporary raising of France’s Vigipirate system to its highest level, and the increased tension over events in the Middle East, is causing security forces to be extra vigilant.

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Bomb threats multiply in recent days – what is the punishment?

In addition to the bomb threats at airports the Château de Versailles was evacuated earlier today.

“Dear visitors, for security reasons, the Château is evacuating visitors. We thank you for your cooperation,” said a post on social media after the threat.

It is the third time in the last week that the tourist attraction has been evacuated due to bomb threats.

The prefecture of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region posted on X that a bomb threat to Lyon-Bron airport had been declared a hoax earlier in the day.

The post also reminded people that the punishment for calling in a fake bomb alert (either by telephone or email) was a potential two-year jail sentence and a €30,000 fine.

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