Refuges: 55-110 pets a day saved in France

Between 55 and 110 animals have been saved from possible euthanasia every day since pet adoption was authorised during the confinement period.

The animal refuge charity the SPA (Société Protectrice des Animaux) launched a programme called ‘adoption solidaire’ to allow people to continue to adopt animals despite confinement after local refuges became saturated and animals faced euthanasia as there was simply no room to take them in.

Since the start of the scheme, on April 16, over 17,000 people have applied online to adopt a pet, and between one or two animals are adopted each day in each refuge. There are 55 SPA shelters, along other local animal refuges, taking part in the ‘adoption solidaire’ all around France.

A spokesperson for the SPA said: “We have received a lot of applications and we are really happy that there is so much enthusiasm around the project.”

The charity says that it is still a “long process” as its volunteers have to go through the online applications of people who would like to adopt.

A phone interview is also carried to make sure that the person who wants to adopt is serious and that the animal will be happy in its new home.

The adopters and the shelter then arrange a physical appointment to pick up the animal.

The charity stresses that every adoption must still be “a responsible adoption.” It tries its best to only accept serious candidates.

The change of rules for pet adoption came from the Interior Minister, Christophe Castaner, who exceptionally allowed travel to pick up animals at the charity, after a call from the SPA and a petition which reached 100,000 signatures.

President of the SPA, Jacques-Charles Fombonne said: “We are particularly pleased with the Minister’s decision which shows his interest in the animal cause and his confidence in our association. It will save hundreds of animals.”

To apply to adopt a pet, you must submit your application online at:

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