Stop picking on older drivers in France

A Connexion reader believes older drivers are not the biggest risk on the roads of France

Are older drivers really the biggest danger on French roads?

Regarding your recent online article about the debate over medical tests for elderly drivers, in rural France it is younger drivers who are the problem – overtaking, speeding and tailgating.

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No one seems to police this. It infuriates us and is dangerous.

We often see cars that have overshot and ended up in a field.

As someone pointed out to me recently, these drivers are young women as well as men.

But when one elderly driver has an accident, everyone has an opinion.

Surely the statistics speak for themselves.

If this was a major problem, insurance firms would almost certainly increase their premiums for older drivers.

Younger people generally drive more dangerously, so let’s stop picking on the elderly.

Connexion reader Janet Lynch, by email

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