Supermarket frozen burgers recalled across France

Potential allergenic substances are not identified on the packaging

RappelConso warns consumers not to eat these frozen burgers due to undeclared allergenic substances
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Frozen burgers are being recalled across France as they may contain allergenic substances that are not declared on the packaging.

The batches of frozen burgers, sold in recent weeks in all Carrefour and E. Leclerc stores in France, are listed on the RappelConso site – a government platform for reporting product alerts and recalls.

The products removed from the shelves have a labelling error and omit information about the presence of allergens in their composition, in particular soy or gluten.

Two types of burgers recalled

The first batch of burgers recalled for a labelling defect are frozen hamburgers sold in all E. Leclerc shops in France.

The batches concerned are Férial brand, batch number 36102078, packaged in boxes of 10 and their barcode is 3661112080891.

These 15% fat steaks were sold from October 31 to November 16, 2023 and the ‘best before’ date found on their packaging is November 17, 2024.

Also affected by the recall are frozen halal hamburgers, with 15% fat, under the Carrefour brand. They are packaged in a box of 10 steaks of 80g, said RappelConso.

The products are marketed in Carrefour stores under the ‘Carrefour sensation’ brand and were sold from October 12 to November 25, 2023.

Their barcode is 3560070499748, their batch number is V2503123 and their use-by date is September 7, 2024.

Return to point of sale

RappelConso warns consumers not to eat either of these products as they contain allergenic substances such as soy, and potentially gluten.

These two ingredients are not included in the composition of the products, and could be potentially fatal to those who have allergies or intolerances.

You can find more information about the products recalled on the Rappel Conso website’s meat section here.

You can return the products to the store, and a refund procedure will run until Saturday, November 25, 2023.

For more information, you can contact the customer services of both brands: 0805 50 00 85 for Carrefour, 0800 16 96 57 for E. Leclerc.

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