Supermarket fruit yoghurts recalled across France over ‘spicy taste’

A non-toxic spore present in the yoghurts also damaged product lids

The yoghurts were sold in a number of leading supermarkets. Picture for illustration purposes only
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A series of fruit yoghurts from the ‘Yoplait’ brand have been pulled from supermarket shelves in France because of a manufacturing defect leading to a ‘spicy taste’.

The yoghurts, sold in multi-packs of four, six, eight or 16, were reported by consumers to have an off taste and damaged lids, which the RappelConso recall site said is due to the presence of small floral spores.

The products are not harmful to consume, but may taste unpleasant. Official advice however is still to not consume any of the yoghurts affected.

The three recalled products are as followed:

  • Panier de Yoplait 0% (fruits rouges, fruits jaunes, panachés)

  • Tentation Pâtissière Yoplait 0%

  • Panier de Yoplait (mangue/ananas, pêche/poire, cerise, fruits éxotiques, fruits rouges, fruits jaunes)

Although the products are sold in most major supermarkets, only those from Leclerc, Système U, Intermarché, Métro, Carrefour, Auchan, and shops managed by the ‘AMC’ and ‘Even’ groups are affected.

Customers who bought the yoghurts can return them to the store of purchase before April 11, and will be given discount vouchers in return (not a direct refund).

A customer helpline has also been made available at 0 800 02 21 21.

A full list of the affected products with their GTIN codes and lot numbers can be found on the official RappelConso website, in the ‘dairy products’ section.

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Manufacturing defaults, but not dangerous

RappelConso states the problem has been caused by a ‘flore d’altération’ (floral spores) a non-toxic growth within the yoghurt.

These sometimes appear when packaging food items, particularly those that are mass-produced.

It often leads to products to taste spicier than intended and reducing their shelf-life, as well as making products look less appealing.

The spores “do not present a health risk, but do impair the quality of the product and packaging,” RappelConso said.

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