Tax questions, boiler grants, May changes: 5 French practical updates

Our round-up of practical articles you may have missed

We also look at how to cope with bereavement when in France
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Free help with tax declaration

Deadlines to declare for income tax begin this month, with the first – for those filling out paper versions of the form – coming on May 21. 

We look at ways to get free tax advice from professionals in France, including local tax officers. 

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Window of opportunity for cheaper boilers 

Changes coming into force on May 15 will make it easier – and cheaper – to access financial aid for a boiler change. 

Funding to change your boiler to a more energy efficient one through the MaPrimeRénov’ scheme no longer requires an energy audit (DPE) as part of the application process. 

As well as making the application easier, this could save property owners up to €250.

The change will remain in place until January 2025 so you will have to act soon to take advantage. 

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English-speaking help in your time of grief 

This article provides an overview of English-language services available during the bereavement process. 

From finding a funeral director to support groups to help cope in the aftermath of a loved one’s death, we look at help available in English in France. 

We also provide general tips for how to cope and take care of yourself during this difficult time.

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Questions on EU’s new digital borders 

Tree articles covering the EU’s new digital border scheme – EES (Entry/Exit System) – featured on The Connexion this week. 

The first covers seven questions about the borders from our readers, including how land border crossings work, and how the rules apply to mixed EU and non-EU families.

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In addition, we looked in more detail at which countries within the EU will have their borders altered by the policy. 

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Finally, we reviewed how different residency cards will affect the crossings. 

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Key dates and changes 

Finally, with the start of a new month, we published our usual articles covering dates and changes in the month. 

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