Telephone chargers and bikes recalled in France for safety faults

The public are being warned not to use the items

Telephone chargers and bikes are being recalled across France for safety faults
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Telephone chargers and bikes are being recalled in France due to safety faults. Members of the public should no longer use the products and should return them to the point of sale.

The RappelConso site - a government platform for reporting product alerts and recalls - has issued a recall for three models of bikes and one branded phone charger sold across France.

The bikes, sold at Intersport stores in France, are being recalled due to a brake system defect.

The phone charger, sold at a number of major supermarkets and hardware stores, is being recalled due to an electric shock hazard.

Which bikes are affected and why?

The bike product recall concerns three Nakamura brand bikes sold at Intersport: two road bikes and one gravel bike.

The models affected are:

  • The Century Gravel 250 (reference YA60I09), sold at €1,099.99

  • The Century 300D (reference YB60G3), sold at €999.99

  • The Century 400D (reference YB60G4), sold at €1,599.99

The affected barcodes are: 3354068505500, 3354068505517, 3354068505524, 3354068780327, 3354068780334, 3354068780341, 3354068780297, 3354068780303 and 3354068780310 and all batches are affected.

The affected Nakamura bikes (Credit: RappelConso)

These bikes have been on sale since November 1, 2022 at Intersport stores throughout France. You can check if there is a store of the brand near you in this document shared by RappelConso.

The cause of this recall is a defect in the installation of the hydraulic disc brakes fitted to the affected models.

This defect in the fitting of the brake fluid hoses is "likely to render the braking system inoperative", said RappelConso and this can lead to external injuries.

Which phone charger is affected and why?

The phone charger being recalled is an FPE (France Production Electronique) branded mains charger intended for smartphones, calibrated to 5 volts / 1 amp.

It was sold individually in a purple cardboard box between April 2, 2021 and September 15, 2023, in all Mr Bricolage, Briconautes, Bricorama, Cofaq, Intermarché and Leclerc stores in France.

The charger’s reference is 001625, and the affected lots are 001625-0121-XXXX, 001625-0421-XXXX, 001625-0521-XXXX, 001625-0822-XXXX, 001625-0222-XXXX, 001625-1222-XXXX and 001625-0423-XXXX.

The affected FPE phone charger (Credit: RappelConso)

The recall is due to the conductors of the power plug not being sufficiently secured.

“In the event of detachment, the creepage line between the active parts of the conductors and the accessible parts is less than the prescribed value of 4.8 mm (3.9 mm measured)," according to the RappelConso site.

This creates a risk of a potentially dangerous "electric shock”.

Return to the point of sale

In regards to the FPE phone charger, RappelConso recommends that you no longer use the product and return it to the point of sale where a refund is scheduled until April 30, 2024.

For more information the public can call 08 25 05 62 60.

Meanwhile, cyclists riding these Nakamura models are advised to stop using them and return them to the point of sale. Here compensation will be offered, including a repair of your bike.

The recall procedure for these bikes runs until November 30, 2023. For more information, the contact number 09 69 32 18 19 has been made available to the public.

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