The US and Israel placed on France’s amber Covid travel list

The change will not affect fully vaccinated travellers, who can leave and re-enter France without any restrictions under French rules

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France has placed the US and Israel on its amber travel list. Neither country is allowing French tourists to enter yet

France has moved the US and Israel from its green Covid travel list to its amber list.

This change, however, will not necessarily affect anyone who is fully vaccinated against Covid, as for these people there are no restrictions for leaving or re-entering France, regardless of the country they are travelling to.

For non-fully vaccinated people, it means they will now need an essential reason to travel from France to the US and Israel, as well as face more stringent measures to re-enter France.

The US is in any case still not open to tourists from EU countries, and Israel is only set to open its borders to tourist groups on September 19, but has not yet set a date for re-opening its borders to individual tourists.

Any traveller from France should be aware of the Covid restrictions in their destination country before planning to travel.

France is using a red-amber-green system to classify countries, but these colour-coded rules do not apply to fully vaccinated people.

You can read more about how this works in our article here, including what documents are required and where to find them.

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