Weather in France June 17 - June 21: Forecast by area this week

Strong storms expected in next few days with heavy rainfall in particular in Normandy and Brittany but also high temperatures in the south including up to 38C in Corsica

Temperatures will be high in the south, but storms are also expected

France is set to be hit by both high temperatures and strong storms this week, as cold and hot air masses once again clash in the country’s skies. 

Cool winds from the British Isles will descend on the north and west of the country today Monday (June 17) bringing storms that are forecast to intensify on Tuesday (June 18). 

The storms will bring heavy rainfall to Normandy and Brittany in particular, and areas north of the Seine. At the same time, they will affect parts of the south-west from Tuesday onwards.

This cold wind will gradually move south-east and is expected to peak on Thursday (June 20). 

The south-west and centre of France will be hit particularly hard on this day, with a risk of hailstorms.

Temperatures of 38C in Corsica

At the same time, however, a warm ‘Sirocco’ wind will push north through the Mediterranean, bringing high temperatures to the south of France. 

The wind – originating in the Sahara desert – will bring temperatures of 30C to areas south of Lyon, Clermont Ferrand, and Bordeaux on Tuesday.

Wednesday (June 19) could see this rise to 33C, and up to 35C near Lyon. Corsica may reach highs of 38C, laying centrally in the path of the hot winds. 

The clash of these winds will be responsible for the stormy weather on Thursday, which on Friday (June 21) will be situated mostly in the Pyrénées and Alpine mountain ranges. 

The cold winds are forecast to be dominant in most areas – around the Rhône valley, temperatures are set to drop by 10C between Thursday and Friday. 

Official state forecaster Météo France has placed six departments on weather alert today. 

However, early predictions for Tuesday have more than one-third of the country on alert for stormy weather, from the south-west to the Belgian border. 

These are all currently at level-two (yellow) alert, the lowest possible. 

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You can keep up to date with all official weather warnings on the official Météo France website (note that when The Connexion staff tried to access the site this morning, it was temporarily unavailable).