What changes in France in 2024 for health and medicine

One key fee related to medicines will increase and more digital services are being rolled out

New changes include an expansion of digital healthcare services

A number of changes are coming for healthcare in France in 2024, particularly in the field of digital services. There will also be changes to some medical fees.

Here is a list of the key changes to expect in the coming year:

Franchises médicales

The franchise médicale, the obligatory fee which is not reimbursed (or refunded by mutuelles) on the purchase of prescription drugs and certain paramedical services (nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, podiatrists…) could increase from 50 cents to €1 from January.

In December, Finance Minister Bruno le Maire confirmed the change but did not give a launch date. No further information has been given.

The franchise on medical transport costs could also increase from €2 to €4. However, an annual limit of €50 for prescription medicine and paramedical franchises will remain in place.

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Medical buses

There are already 10 ‘médicobus’ services in operation – buses carrying everything onboard to provide a ‘doctor’s surgery’ service.

The government aims for about 30 in early 2024 and 100 by the end of the year.

Digital services

A nationwide rollout of a digital version of the carte Vitale is due to be launched this year at an unspecified date.

Currently a ‘carte Vitale’ app is available on phones in a few departments but it is not familiar to all health professionals in these areas.

The idea was first announced in 2019 but has undergone several iterations since then.

Meanwhile a ‘digital prescription’ service, whereby prescriptions should be printed in a special format with a smartcode containing the information – that pharmacists can scan – should also be rolled out for all hospital and doctors’ appointments this year, but has suffered from limited take-up and familiarity.

You are also more likely this year to see ‘telemedicine’ cabins, especially in pharmacies, with France’s largest provider of these, Medadom, hoping to reach 10,000 installations.

These allow people to have GP consultations at a distance and to provide basic health information such as blood pressure and heart rate.

Preventative health checks

Fully-reimbursed preventative health checks are to be available nationwide from January for the following age groups: 18-25, 45-50, 60-65 and 70-75.

Called Mon bilan prévention, the checks will look at general health, diet, sleep, addictions etc as well as risk of illnesses common to the age group.

They will be on offer from doctors, midwives, nurses and pharmacists. If eligible, you can book one here.

Condoms and sanitary protection

Condoms are to be available free of charge from pharmacies for people aged below 26, and reusable menstrual protection including protective underwear or menstrual cups for women aged under 26 will now be reimbursed.


Voluntary vaccinations against human papillomavirus will be available from age 11, instead of 14.

Subsidised top-up insurance

People who claim certain benefits will be automatically offered CSS subsidised top-up insurance without them having to apply and provide extra information on their means

The benefits that are eligible for this include:

  • AAH and ASI disability benefits,
  • Allocation de solidarité spécifique (means-tested benefit for people out of work whose rights to ordinary unemployment benefit have run out)
  • Allocation de contrat d’engagement jeune (for young jobseekers in training or volunteering)

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