Woman dies after getting coat caught in doors of Paris metro train

Her husband and son were present when the incident happened at Bel-Air station on Saturday

The woman’s coat got stuck in the automatic doors of the metro train
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A woman died after getting her clothing stuck in the doors of a metro train.

She was getting off the Paris metro when the automatic doors shut, catching part of her coat and leaving her unable to pull herself free.

As the train left the station, the woman, in her 40s, was dragged underneath it.

The incident happened around 16:00 on Saturday (April 22) at Bel-Air station on Line 6 of the Paris metro system.

Police have launched an investigation into the death.

Family filing lawsuit over the incident

The woman’s husband and son were with her on Saturday and were “extremely traumatised”, according to their lawyer.

The lawyer added the family will file a ‘complaint against X’ over the incident.

“The family wishes with all its heart that light be shed on the circumstances of the victim's death… [they] would like the facts to be clarified, any shortcomings to be revealed and, if necessary, responsibilities to be established,” she said.

The transport authority for the Paris region, RATP, said the driver was in shock after the incident and was “taken care of by his manager and the fire brigade”.

The operator added its “victim support unit was immediately activated” for the driver after the incident.

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