Can French residents registered to vote in UK be called to jury service?

Britons living overseas can now vote in certain UK elections

If summoned for jury service, you are usually expected to attend

Reader Question: Now I am on the UK electoral register what happens if I am called up for jury service? I live and work in France so cannot travel back easily 

Recent changes mean that UK citizens living abroad will be able to vote in the upcoming 2024 General Election, if they register to vote. 

Doing so will put them on the electoral register, and therefore technically eligible for jury service. 

If you receive a jury summons in the post, you have up to seven days to respond. 

You can either ask to change the date of the service (this can only be done once every 12 months) or ask to be excused altogether. 

You must give a valid reason for your request. 

What documentation is required for jury service exemption?

In this situation, providing proof that you live outside of the UK - a recent bill / confirmation of address and valid French residency permit - should in theory suffice as a valid reason for you to be excused. 

You can complete the return to your jury summons online, or send it back via post. More information is available on the official UK government website

However, as you have to give your current (non-UK) address when signing up to the register when registering to vote from abroad, it is unclear whether anyone who has done so will be called for jury service. 

We have not heard of any instances of anyone living overseas who has registered to vote in UK elections being asked to do jury service. 

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