Can I get a discount for paying rent up front in France?

Some landlords may be willing to negotiate prices, but only under certain conditions

If you are renting in Paris, it is extremely unlikely any negotiation will be possible

Reader Question: Is it possible to pay rent on an apartment for a full year so as to receive a discount?

There is nothing stopping you paying your flat’s rent upfront and I am sure the landlord will not object.

However, in France, where most flats are let unfurnished for three years, there is no advantage.

The rents and payment schedules for the three years are all set out, and if you want to negotiate the rent downwards, the time to do so is before you sign the contract.

In areas where there is strong demand, such as around Paris, your chances of negotiating are slim.

More likely in rural areas

In other areas, it can be more likely – prices of €600/m to rent a 200m² fully refurbished house on an acre of land are not uncommon in small villages, and some country landlords might accept slightly lower rents in return for having the house occupied.

Sometimes, rent will be paid by the state if the tenant is receiving RSA and other benefits, and that might be a strong argument to lower the price too.

Furnished flat contracts are usually for shorter (renewable) periods.

Again, your chances of getting rent reduced by an upfront payment are slim, especially as prices usually go up during summer when there are lots of tourists.

Seasonal worker and student lets have their own legal framework, with little room to negotiate.

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