Can non-residents be vaccinated against Covid in France?

You do not necessarily have to have a carte Vitale to get vaccinated in France, but there are conditions in place

Only residents of France are allowed to get vaccinated in the country

Reader Question: Some of my UK family members are visiting us in France soon. The two children, aged 10 and 14, are unvaccinated. Can they get vaccinated while in France? I am happy to pay.

France’s Covid vaccination campaign is open to people over the age of five in France.

It is possible to get vaccinated in France without a carte Vitale health insurance card, and you do not need to be a French citizen.

However, you must be resident in the country.

Assurance maladie states that: “vaccination against Covid-19 is open to everyone residing in France, whether through social security or not.”

This does not include people staying in France for tourism, family or second home visits , even if they are EU or British nationals with an EHIC card.

It would also not be possible to pay to get vaccinated as a visitor in France because the government has previously stated that “the vaccine is free to all.”

The UK is currently on France’s green list for travel, so the unvaccinated children will either need to carry out a pre-departure Covid test before their journey to the country begins, or show proof of having had the virus in the last six months.

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