Checklist: 7 things new parents must do after giving birth in France

From registering the birth at the mairie to contacting CAF, see our quick-look checklist of what you need to do once the baby has been born

Infographic 7 things new parents must do after giving birth in France a checklist

For parents who are residents and giving birth in France, there are several administrative tasks to tick off to ensure that you and your family have access to the right social benefits.

The infographic below outlines the key steps that parents in France should take after their baby is born, though they are not exhaustive.

Maternity leave is not covered in the infographic as this begins before the birth of the baby. The website for the Assurance Maladie,, has more information on becoming a mother in France.

Note that for non-residents such as tourists or second-home owners, the steps below do not apply.

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