Do second-home owners in France still pay a television licence fee?

Traditionally the TV licence - known as the redevance télé - has been payable along with the taxe d’habitation

You should have noticed a change to your taxe d’habitation bill last year
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Reader question: As the owner of a French second home, do I still need to pay a television licence fee?

The ‘contribution à l’audiovisuel public‘ (or television licence fee) used to be payable by all households which possessed a television set and was levied alongside the taxe d’habitation property tax.

It is reasonable to wonder if it is still payable in your case as, as of this year, taxe d’habitation remains payable on second homes although it has now ended for all main homes.

The good news is that the TV licence fee, which was €138 in 2021, was removed entirely in 2022 and is no longer payable by anyone in France.

The tax, known colloquially as la redevance télé, was ended to help households increase their purchasing power to help with rising inflation - and this is continuing to climb.

The money was used to fund the state broadcasting services France Télévisions, Arte-France and Radio France. The government has yet to clarify how the hole left from removing it will be filled in the long term but in the meantime it is being funded by part of the proceeds from VAT.

If you had paid 2022’s television licence fee by direct debit monthly instalments, the amount should have been refunded to you last year.

If you have any queries, you can check with the local tax office to which you pay your property tax bills.

Previously, the licence fee was listed on your taxe d’habitation bill (avis).

If you have an online account at you can find past bills in your personal space.

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