Does green bonus apply to scooters?

Does the ‘bonus’ available off the price of an eco-friendly car also apply to scooters? S.C.

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It does apply but only to electric scooters and motorbikes. As of 2018 this is also the case for cars, with ‘hybrids’ (running on both petrol and electricity) no longer eligible.

Electric two-wheelers are available, as for petrol ones, in small versions equivalent to 50cc petrol ones and larger ones equivalent to 125cc or more.

They usually run on lithium ion batteries that typically need recharging overnight, using an ordinary plug.

The bonus depends on the maximum net power of the electric motor and is not available for vehicles using lead batteries.

For small two-wheelers with motor power under 3kW, the bonus is a maximum 20% of the purchase price and no more than €100, whereas for other two-wheelers the bonus is €250/kWh of battery energy, within the limits of either €900 total bonus or 27% of the purchase price, whichever is the lower.

The bonus is only for new vehicles which have not been registered in France or abroad before.

If the seller agrees, the amount can be deducted directly from the bill (the bonus should be itemised). Otherwise, you can claim it by applying to the Agence des services et de paiement (ASP) with form Cerfa 13621*15.