Explainer: what is France’s ‘talent’ visa and who can get one?

It can allow many non-Europeans and their families to stay for up to four years

The application for a passeport talent costs €225 and takes up to 12 weeks
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The passeport talent (talent visa) is a visa option for people who wish to live and work in France.

We look at what it involves and who can get one.

Passeports talent are visas which make it easier for foreign workers to come to France and contribute to the country’s economy.

To get one, you must either have a work contract, plan to start a business or to invest in France.

The passeport talent is valid for a year but gives you the right to a four-year visa.

To get this four-year visa, you must apply within three months of your arrival in France.

The passeport talent allows you to bring your partner and children to France.

They also have the right to a four-year visa, if they apply for it within three months of their arrival. It grants your partner the right to work in France, as well as your children (on reaching 18).

Who can get a passeport talent?

Talent visas are granted to people “that are likely to make a significant or lasting contribution – directly or indirectly – to the development of the French economy, as well as its culture, science, sports through their skills and talents.”

Applicants are split into different categories:


  • Employees - must have a minimum three month work contract and the equivalent of a master’s degree or work in relation to a company’s research and development and have an annual salary of at least €41,933 pre tax.
  • Highly-qualified employees - must have a minimum 12 month work contract and have completed at least three years’ in higher education or have five years professional experience and have an annual salary of at least €53,836.50 pre tax.
  • Employees of multinational groups - must have been employed for at least three months by a company belonging to an international group. Applicants must have been assigned to work in the French branch of the organisation, with an annual salary of at least €37,739.52 pre tax
  • Higher education or researchers - must hold the equivalent of a masters’ degree and have a contract to work with a recognised university-level research or teaching programme
  • Performers - must be a recognised performance artist, author of literary works or painter. Applicants can be either employed or self-employed.

Self-employed workers

  • Business creators - must hold the equivalent of a masters’ degree or at least five years’ professional experience in the sector and have a concrete project for the creation of a business (commercial, crafts or industrial)
  • Investors in a French company - must invest in a company that the applicant personally directs or in one of which they hold at least 30% of the capital. The applicant must plan to create or save jobs for the first four years following the investment, which must be at least €300,000.
  • Corporate officer in a French company - must have been involved with the company for at least three months and have an annual salary of at least €62,899.20 pre tax
  • Internationally recognised individuals - must be involved in science, literature, the arts, academia or sport and plan to reside in France for more than three months and have sufficient funds for the stay.

What is the application process?

You must start your application through the official visa service France Visas.

When applying for a passeport talent you usually have to provide:

  • Your passport
  • Proof of address from the last six months
  • Three photos of yourself
  • The Cerfa n૦15614 form filled in by your employer (if you are employed)
  • Your work contract
  • Proof of your qualifications
  • Any other documents relevant to your offer of employment
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of paid visa fee
  • Proof of healthcare cover of up to €30,000 for your stay in France

However, the supporting documents vary depending on your situation.

The application process takes up to 12 weeks and costs €225.

Visa applications submitted in the United States of America are examined by the French Consulate in Washington DC.

In the UK, applications are processed by the French Consulate General in London.

EU citizens are, of course, exempt from visa requirements.

You can find out more about passeports talent on the French visa service website.

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