First €100 inflation bonus payments to be made in France this week

Self-employed workers (and some students) whose income is inferior to €2,000 a month are set to receive the one-off sum first

The first of the French government’s €100 inflation bonus payments are being made today (December 13)
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The first payments of France’s exceptional “inflation compensation” government aid are being paid today (December 13), Minister for Public Action and Accounts Olivier Dussopt has said.

This tax-free, one-off sum was announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex on October 21. It aims to help people face the rapid rise in the price of necessities such as fuel, home energy and food and is being given to people whose income is less than €2,000 a month.

The “inflation-compensation” tax-free sum should help cover increases in petrol and diesel costs, as one person travelling 14,000km per year in their car will see their annual fuel spend go up by €80 if prices continue to climb, as well as rises in home energy and food.

Around 38 million people who earn less than €2,000 per month before income tax is deducted will be eligible and it will be paid whether or not the recipient has a car.

Eligible bursary students will be the first to receive the payment, followed by self-employed workers whose bank details have been recorded by Urssaf “over the course of the week.”

The bonus will also be paid to employees, jobseekers and retirees although foreign pension income is not applicable to the inflation bonus scheme.

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“From now until the end of December, most private sector workers will receive their payment,” Mr Dussopt said. “We have a payment calendar which begins [today] and which goes up to the end of February for retirees” who will be paid by the pension caisses de retraite.

Employees should receive their bonus through their employer as an addition to their December wages.

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Payments will be transferred automatically and eligible people do not need to apply for it.

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