Good news on the way for France-UK school trips?

British Ambassador says talks are underway on easier movement for students and volunteers

News is expected this year on making school visits between France and the UK easier

Discussions have started between UK and French officials over so-called ‘mobility’ issues following the March joint summit, says the British ambassador to France.

This refers to ease of movement between the countries, whether for work, study or other reasons.

Dame Menna Rawlings said news is expected this year on making school visits between France and the UK easier.

Officials are also looking at rules on young people from France completing voluntary work placements in firms in the UK under the VIE scheme.

No news for second-home owners

There is, as yet, no news regarding more flexible visits for second-home owners.

However, responding to a question about this by MP Bruno Belin, France’s foreign affairs ministry said the summit had brought “a re-engagement of dialogue, including on questions of bilateral mobility essential to our two societies”.

It added that the summit and the recent Windsor Framework had brought more “peaceful” relations, which was an “encouraging” sign for more constructive discussion to come.

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Several French senators and MPs previously said they support more flexible visa and visiting rules for second-home owners.

A new French law on immigration, which is an opportunity to create amendments on such areas, is expected to be debated this autumn once the senatorial elections are over.

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