I forgot to declare some 2021 income in my French online tax return

It is easy – and usually inexpensive – to sort things out if you made a genuine mistake with your online declaration

Forgot to declare something? Just go and amend online
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Reader Question: I forgot to declare some income I made from selling online in 2021 – is it too late to change the online declaration I made?

No, it is not too late but first make sure that it is declarable.

If it was earnings from a French online platform and the income was €3,000 or over or there were more than 20 sales, it would usually have been drawn to your attention as part of your declaration. Presumably, this was not the case.

If you were selling off your own used items, in most cases the proceeds are not declarable. However, proceeds are declarable if you made or bought items for resale.

To correct an online declaration after you have received your income tax statement (avis), which will now be the case, a service is available via your personal space at impots.gouv.fr. Click on Accéder à la correction en ligne to do this. You will be able to access your declaration again and make the relevant additions.

You should then click to sign off the declaration as usual.

An estimate of tax payable will be provided at the end.

A new avis showing additional tax payable, if relevant, should be provided by the tax office in a few weeks’ time.

Usually, as long as the original declaration was made in time, you will not be subject to a fine for late payment, but additional tax may be subject to interest payments, starting from July 1.

People who did not declare online have to flag up any corrections to the tax office by making a réclamation by sending a letter or a private online message, or reporting the problem in person or by phone.

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