Increased aid announced for electric car purchases in France

President Macron said the extra help would be for the half of households on lower incomes. He also wants a price cap placed on electric charging stations

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Mr Macron said that he wanted everyone to have changed over to an all-electric vehicle by 2035 and announced measures to help households make the switch
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President Emmanuel Macron has announced a range of new measures in favour of electric cars, including an aid payment of up to €7,000 for purchases and a cap on prices at electric charging stations.

Mr Macron, speaking in an interview with Les Echos on October 16, said: “We must help households to change their vehicle.

“We are committed to the objective of making 100% of vehicles electric by 2035. It is necessary for achieving our climate objectives and is an opportunity to reindustrialise our country.”

Measures include:

  • A payment of €7,000 (up from €6,000) for the half of French households on lower incomes when buying an electric car. For other households the grant will fall to €5,000.

Mr Macron did not specify what the income threshold will be for the higher grant, or when exactly the increased amount would be available.

  • Extending the energy price cap to electric car recharging stations
  • €100 per month electric car rental available for lower-income households by 2023
  • Aims to have everyone switched over to an all-electric vehicle by 2035

Electric vehicles eligible for the payment include those sold new for €47,000 or less (most EVs are currently more expensive than fossil-fuel equivalents). This includes models such as the Renault Mégane or Peugeot 2008 but would not apply to a Tesla, for example.

President Macron also extended the price cap to charging stations, saying: “Today, prices [for charging] are reasonable so we will ensure that they stay that way.”

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One million electric cars made in France by 2027

The president also called for a massive policy to reindustrialise Europe.

He said he wanted "strong support…as quickly as possible" for the European automotive industry in the face of competition from China and the US.

“Our objective is to produce two million electric vehicles in 2030, with French and foreign investment creating jobs in making batteries or even in assembly.

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“We will reach a million electric vehicles produced in France in 2027.”

Mr Macron added: "I strongly call for European preference in this area and strong support for the automotive industry. We must take this [challenge] on, and it must happen as soon as possible.”.

The government is considering limiting the grants available for electric car purchases to those produced in Europe.

Overall, he said he wanted everyone to have switched to all-electric vehicles by 2035.

The comments came just ahead of the president’s visit to the Mondial de l'Auto car show in Paris yesterday (October 17).

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