Money-maker: How to rent out your car in France Airbnb-style

Online platforms match car owners with drivers looking for short-term hire

The service can be used as an alternative to car ownership when parking at home is a problem

The success of Airbnb has seen peer-to-peer renting extend to other areas of life, including car hire in France.

Platforms such as Turo, which acquired OuiCar in France in 2022, Getaround and Roadstr now offer car owners the chance to cash in on their vehicles when not in use by putting them in touch with drivers looking for a short-term hire.

They also offer cover and guarantees in the event of damage to the vehicle.

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Could you rent out your car?

When The Connexion looked into it, one platform, Getaround, specified vehicles must be registered in France and be covered by an annual insurance policy, with at least third-party cover.

Technical inspections and maintenance should be up to date at the time of rental, and the car less than 15 years old, clean and tidy, with a mileage of less than 200,000 km.

The platform estimated we could earn up to €207/month for our reporter’s 13-year-old Opel Astra in Auxerre, Yonne.

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Alternative to car ownership

For those looking to borrow a car – while on holiday in France, for example – there are obvious benefits.

While some offers come in just as expensive as traditional rental firms, there are also bargains to be had.

The service can be used as an alternative to car ownership too.

Users pay only for the number of hours they drive the vehicle and can access cars that already have valid insurance cover, are well-maintained and clean – saving money long-term on those outgoings.

It can also be a neat solution for those with limited space to park cars at home, particularly in cities.

Note that all transactions and rental agreements should be made on the official rental platforms, and not by separate email or payment link, to avoid the risk of scams.

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