New digital space rolled out in France to better manage health data

The service offers the possibility to create a profile linked to your medical history and to store prescriptions, x-rays and other documents

Letters or emails asking people to activate their health space started being sent out in January
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All residents who are part of France’s state healthcare system are being offered a new online medical records space.

Called Mon espace santé, it is designed to store patients’ medical documents, such as prescriptions and X-ray and other test results.

Historically, these have been kept by the patient and then brought by them to appointments.

The new space also features a messaging function, so patients can communicate with medical professionals, and access to health-related apps.

It is a successor to the previous (optional) Dossier Médical Partagé (DMP) digitised medical file in France, which is being phased out.

It is hoped the new platform will encourage better dialogue between patients and the doctors treating them.

Letters or emails asking people to activate their health space started being sent out in January and the roll-out will continue until March.

Recipients have six weeks to request closure if they do not wish to use their health space. Otherwise, the health space will be created automatically.

Anyone who created a DMP before July 1, 2021 (it was not possible after that) will find that their medical data has been moved over once their new health space is activated.

The platform is expected to carry a diary feature later to manage medical appointments and receive reminders for check-ups or vaccinations.

Talking about the initiative last year, Health Minister Olivier Véran said: “It will take time for everyone to get used to it and learn how to use it, but it will be a small, very positive revolution in healthcare.”

The system has already been trialled in Haute-Garonne, Somme and Loire-Atlantique.

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