Occasional péage plan

Passes work on all France’s motorways

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Drivers and bikers who use autoroutes only occasionally or at holiday times can sign up for a péage pass to allow them to use reserved lanes and no-stop lanes to avoid delays.

Occasional-use Liber-t télépéage passes see users pay a usage charge for the months in which they are used – varying from €1.60 to €2 – and the toll. This is paid direct from bank accounts.

Passes work on all France’s motorways and are available from Vinci Autoroute (Temps libre), APRR/AREA (Balade), Bip&Go (A la carte) and Easytrip (Pass). Vinci has no activation charge but the others charge €10 or €11.

However, all bar Balade come with a €10 charge for ‘non-usage’ payable if not used for 15 months (Vinci) or 13 months.