Paris Navigo public transport monthly pass to rise by 12% in 2023

The cost would have increased further without state funding. Single tickets will cost €2.30 rather than €1.90

The cost of tickets for Paris transports will increase in 2023
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Ile-de-France has announced that the monthly cost of a Navigo public transport pass will rise by 12% to €84.10 in January 2023.

The pass currently costs €75.20 per month.

The government has offered Ile-de-France Mobilités €200million in funding in a bid to limit the price rise passed on to customers but within a context of rapid inflation the operator said that it needed €450million in order to keep running all of its services properly in 2023.

Without the state funding, Navigo pass prices would have increased by 20% to €90.

The price of a single ticket will also rise to €2.30 from €1.90 in January, an increase of 10.5%.

It is the weekly Navigo pass that will see the biggest price increase at 31.6%. The cost will rise from €22.80 to €30. A booklet of 10 single tickets will be €19.10 instead of €16.90, and yearly school pupil and student season tickets will be €365 as opposed to the current €342.

The average price increase across the whole Ile-de-France ticketing system will be 11.9%, but some tickets will not rise at all, including single tickets for specific journeys between Paris and its suburbs.

Ile-de-France president “Valérie Pécresse is happy for all passengers in the capital region, that the state has finally realised the gravity of the situation in Ile-de-France transports,” Ile-de-France Mobilités said in a statement.

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