Sending money to UK from France for short trip

We will be returning to the UK to celebrate Christmas with our family. We will need to pay for accommodation, food, nights out and presents – should we move some money over from France?

If you were only planning to pop back for a couple of days, exchanging a few euros for pounds at the airport might tide you over – but as travel money providers tend to offer poor exchange rates you would not want to use them to exchange larger sums.

Carrying large quantities of cash around is also inadvisable, if it was lost or stolen you might have to cancel Christmas...

A simple and cost-effective way of moving spending money from France to the UK is to use the online international money transfer services offered by some leading currency providers.

Simply open a free account with a specialist and you will be able to move money from your bank account in France to your UK bank (or named bank of your choosing) in a few clicks.

It will not cost you anything in transfer fees, and as you will get a better exchange rate than with a bank or travel money provider, you will get more pounds for your euros. If you do not spend all the money you can move it back to France just as easily when you return after Christmas. It is free to open an account and costs nothing to keep it open – so you can use it to send money home year after year. Some leading providers also offer their services in an app so you can make currency transfers on the go 24/7.

Christmas might be the season to be jolly, but all the shopping, travelling, visiting and general hype can also make it stressful, so a solution to your transfer problem should at least take one weight off your mind.

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