Two Citroën models sold in France recalled for fire hazard risk

Owners are asked to contact their dealers as soon as possible

Both models are compact crossover SUVs

Two Citroën car models, the C5 Aircross and the DS7 Crossback, have been recalled in France due to a fire hazard risk.

The recall specifically concerns C5 Aircross vehicles sold between June 20, 2018 and October 11, 2021, and DS7 Crossback vehicles sold between April 19, 2017 and November 26, 2022.

Government recall website Rappel Conso states that the vehicles will have the reference codes: C5 Aircross e2*2007/46*0642*01 to 14 and DS7 Crossback (X74) e2*2007/46*0601*00-13.

Owners of the vehicles are asked to contact their dealers as soon as possible.

It is not yet known how many vehicles are affected by the recall.

The issue with the cars is linked to the heater and water heating unit, Rappel Conso stated.

“The power supply to the heater may switch off too soon when the vehicle is stopped. This can leave fuel in the heater, producing smoke and fuel leaks,” the recall site wrote.

“In addition, the air pressure information sent by the vehicles’ computers to the water heating unit is incorrect, so the unit is not able to operate.

“Unburned fuel may remain inside the unit and may produce smoke the next time it is activated and the fuel may potentially leak, increasing the risk of fire.”

Car recalls are common in France and around the world, and are becoming more common as the vehicles become more electronic than mechanical.

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