What girls’ and boys’ names are trending for babies in France?

Short and retro names are popular as are regional and mediaeval names

Some changes are predicted in next year's list of most popular names
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The top 20 names that are set to be given to babies in France in 2024 have been revealed, with some new names moving into top ranked spots.

Gabriel is once again set to be the most popular boy’s name in 2024, the Officiel des prénoms 2024 revealed when it was released on September 7.

For girls, Alba will replace Jade as the most popular name.

Authors of the study Stéphanie Rapoport and Claire Tabarly-Perrin gave their predictions for 2024 after analysing information provided by the state and the state statistics agency Insee.

Short names are trending with Léo, Noah, Louis, Maël and Liam all high on the boys’ list, while there will be lots of girls called Jade, Mia and Lou.

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Retro names are also on the up, with Léon entering the top 20, and Rose, Emma and Louise all remaining popular.

It seems the past is something of a theme, with mediaeval names also likely to make a comeback among girls, such as Aliénor, Clothilde and Margo.

For boys, regional names from Brittany, Basque Country and Corsica will be popular, like Malo, Agustin, Elouan, and Andrea.

Similarly, we are likely to see names with biblical and mythological links in 2024.

Before looking at the list below, you can see the confirmed list of most popular baby names for 2022 – alongside an interactive map showing differences in each department – in our article here.

Most popular boys names in France predicted for 2024

1 Gabriel

2 Léo

3 Raphaël

4 Noah

5 Maël

6 Louis

7 Jules

8 Arthur

9 Adam

10 Lucas

11 Isaac

12 Gabin

13 Éden

14 Léon

15 Hugo

16 Sacha

17 Aaron

18 Liam

19 Naël

20 Malo / Noé

Most popular girls names in France predicted for 2024

1 Alba

2 Louise

3 Jade

4 Ambre

5 Emma

6 Romy

7 Rose

8 Anna

9 Alice

10 Mia

11 Léna

12 Lou

13 Iris

14 Julia

15 Agathe

16 Charlie

17 Alma

18 Inaya

19 Lina

20 Chloé

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