What is the minimum income requirement for a French long-stay visa?

France requires that people coming from outside the European Economic Area with the intention of staying for more than three months obtain a long-stay visa

Reader asks about minimum income requirements to obtain a French visa
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Reader question: I am a Canadian citizen who lived in Toulouse between 2011 and 2019. I had to demonstrate my income to qualify for ‘visa de long séjour.’ Is there a minimum income requirement for this? I cannot find an exact figure.

France requires that every immigrant from outside of the European Economic Area, Switzerland, Monaco and Andorra must obtain a ‘visa de long séjour’ (long-stay visa) to live in France for more than three months. Obviously, this includes Canadian citizens.

The French government offers various forms of ‘visa de long séjour’, listing tourism, work, medical, personal or familial reasons and requiring different documents from applicants.

Our reader’s visa most likely concerns a work-related ‘visa de long séjour’ and for which a minimum income is required – among other things – to support living expenses.

The reason you can not find an exact figure is because there is not one.

The exact salary is not specified but should be around the amount of the French minimum gross salary (known as the Smic), the Connexion has learned from a Préfecture de région administrative clerk in charge of visa-related matters.

France’s Smic was valued at €1,603 per month as of January 2022 and has been increasing by 1% each year since 2012 (€1,425), according to data compiled by Insee, France’s national statistics agency.

The administrative clerk also listed agreements between states, the French-language abilities of the applicant or the number of years already spent within the country as several factors which would be considered alongside income, meaning that there may be flexibility with the financial requirement.

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