I feel as though a relative has died

Campaigner Brian Cave from the Lot has dedicated several years to fighting for the rights of his fellow expat pensioners. He tells us how he feels today

24 June 2016

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If only Cameron had got that Votes for Life Bill out earlier. 

How many more Remain votes would that have got? Possibly 1.5 to 2 million? That marginally may have swung the final result. [‘Leave’ won by 1,269,501]. 

Every British Citizen who has lived abroad for more than 15 years was denied the vote - isn't that quite unacceptable? Was it not a travesty of Democracy, to tell British citizens that they cannot vote? [A bill removing the ’15-year rule’ was in the 2015 Queen’s Speech, but was never introduced]. 

It would seem that Great Britain could cease to exist. To be no more. Ignorance and stupidity have won. 

I feel sick inside - as though a dear relative has died. 

I feel deserted, abandoned. 

The future seems bleak for the nation and for us as individual British citizens abroad. 

All we can do for now is as the WWII poster said which was prepared for a German Invasion ... 

‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. 

Nothing will change for some time and indeed is there possibility of a fudge? 

Our neighbour states do not want us to leave. What thought is given to the 48% of the resident population and the citizens abroad who did not want to Leave? Are they just to be ignored? 

On reading the Referendum Act which launched this affair, I read nothing which says that the opinion of the British public given in the result has to be implemented. It is only the word of David Cameron which says so. 

Perhaps parliament could demand a debate and then give the instruction whether to go ahead or not. A faint hope, but possible? 
Connexion notes that an unknown number of votes were also lost due to problems with the postal voting system, including ballots not being received, which we discuss in July’s edition of the newspaper. 

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