France lockdown: Updated attestations for November 28 rules

The exemption forms have been modified to take into consideration shopping for non-essential items and longer and further exercise limits

28 November 2020
By Connexion journalist

The ministry of interior has made available updated exemption forms (attestations de déplacement) that must be filled in when people leave their homes. 

The forms now give people the option to leave their homes to go shopping, to go to places of worship or to cultural centres (libraries, archive centres). 

It is worth noting that currently on the English-language version of the form, for the second option that concerns shopping, there is no mention of going to places or worship or cultural places. This is mentioned on the French version. For anyone using the English-language forms and planning to go to a place of worship, tick the second option that in English begins with: "Running necessary errands..."

The exercise option has also been updated to reflect the new 20 kilometre / three hour limits. 

You can download the printable forms directly from the ministry of interior’s website here, in English or French.

Click here to get the attestations from the government website

You can also download a digital copy from the website to be displayed on your smartphone.

Finally, you can go through the Covid-19 tracking application TousAntiCovid to quickly generate the forms. 

The app is free to download for iOS and android phones. 

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