Letters: House prices are set by the free market - even in France

Connexion reader says the American who bought a house in the south-west was free to do so even if it upset locals

For sale sign in house window in France
Reader says a free-market is the price of living in a free society

To the Editor,

I write in response to your online story about the row over a French house on sale for five times more than buyer paid in 2018.

It is a fundamental tenet of a free-market society that if one lives in a country where the price of property is governed by market forces, where the ‘value’ of an item is governed by the amount that someone is willing to pay for it and where constitutionally everyone has the liberté to price their item for sale as they wish then one has to accept that the occasional rich American might pay over the odds for his coup de cœur in Ayherre (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).

Ian Halliday, Cantal