Letters: work after French retirement age should be open to everyone 

Connexion reader says training schemes are unavailable at age 67

Reader says that people have many reasons to continue working, but France presumes they want to retire

To the Editor,

I agree with Nick Inman – anyone should be allowed to continue past the official (final) retirement age of 67. Indeed, many do, whether for financial reasons or just for fun.

Like Mr Inman, I am a youthful 67-year-old and still an auto-entrepreneur. 

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While working in France I have contributed to the obligatory training fund but have been informed that my account was automatically closed when I reached 67. 

I have tried explaining I am still working, and want to use the money in my account to learn Italian. “No, your account is closed.” End of the matter.

Clearly, France still has some catching-up to do with the modern world. The fact is that many people enjoy their work, while others continue to work out of financial necessity.

Jilly Grange, by email

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