Video: remarkable footage of bears in France's Pyrénées

Infra-red cameras left in the mountains for a month capture images of bears in the wild

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A pair of enthusiasts have captured impressive footage of bears in the wild thanks to several small infrared cameras placed in the heart of the Pyrénées.

Infra-red cameras captured intimate footage of the daily lives of bears, which has been put together to make a seven-minute video which has been published on social networks.

The film-makers, Antoine Vaillant and Nicolas Moreno, left eight motion-detecting cameras at a number of carefully selected locations in the mountains of the Ariège for one month.

Five of the cameras picked up footage for the short video. One of the bears caught on film is thought to be a descendent of one of the original four females released into the wild in 2006, and one of the males released 10 years earlier.