Amazon Prime fees to rise by €20 a year in France from September

The increase is happening in other European countries too, as the US retailer giant cites ‘increased working costs’ due to growing fuel, energy, and packaging prices

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The cost of Amazon Prime is rising in France, as part of global increases by the US giant
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Amazon Prime will cost €20 more per year in France from September, the US retail giant has confirmed.

In a statement, Amazon said: “From September 15, 2022, the price of Prime monthly subscriptions will rise from €5.99 to €6.99, and the price of the yearly Prime subscription will rise from €49 to €69.90. The new prices will apply to all renewed subscriptions from September 15, 2022.”

The company said that this change is “linked to the increase of working costs of Prime in France”. These include rising costs of fuel, energy, and packaging costs, a spokesperson for Amazon France told the AFP.

The statement added that the company was always increasing its “efforts to constantly improve the Prime programme”.

It said: “Since we launched Prime in France, we have increased the selection of eligible products from fast and unlimited free Prime delivery; added more quality digital entertainment, including TV series and films on Prime Video, music on Amazon Music Prime, games with Prime Gaming, and books with Prime Reading.

“Prime Video, in particular, has increased the number of series and Amazon Original films [that are available on Prime] and added access to the [tennis] tournament, Roland-Garros.”

France is not the only country to see rising Prime costs. Subscription prices are also set to increase in Germany, the UK, Spain, and Italy.

In the US, it currently costs $139 per year or $14.99 per month (€137 and €14.80 respectively). In the UK, it costs £7.99 per month or £79 per year (€9.45 and €93 respectively). In Germany, it costs €7.99 per month or €69 per year. In Italy and Spain, the prices are €3.99 per month or €36 per year.

The price in the US had already increased at the beginning of the year. A spokesperson said that this had not led to a significant drop-off in subscribers.

The UK price is also set to rise by £1 a month to £8.99 from September.

In France, reaction to the news online was less-than-positive from some.

One said: “Pardon, Amazon Prime? Have they completely lost it or what, 20 euros increase on a yearly subscription, I’m dying of laughter.”

Another said: “Amazon Prime going from €49 to €69 per year…I like you but it’s time to say goodbye”, while one more said: “As if everything was not already too expensive. Seriously Amazon Prime, you’re taking the mickey.”

Amazon reminded subscribers that they can check the date of their next renewal, cancel, or change their subscription settings in their account area on the website.

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that offers Amazon users free fast delivery (such as 2-day delivery in the US, and overnight or same-day delivery in some parts of Europe and the UK), as well as access to a wide range of ‘free’ items on Amazon Video, Amazon Music, Gaming, and Reading.

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