‘Anti-mosquito spraying must be allowed to resume in rural France’

Mosquito health warnings are useless unless the government does more to protect residents from the disease carrying insects, says reader

Tiger mosquitoes transmit viruses like Dengue fever

France has been putting out warnings to be careful about being bitten by mosquitoes, especially tiger mosquitoes, which carry diseases dangerous to human health and life.

I live close to the Gironde estuary in a beautifully peaceful area.

Here, it is normal practice to spray the marshes by helicopter to keep down the number of mosquitoes of all species.

This year, however, eco-warriors got at the regional government and spraying has subsequently been stopped.

The consequences are that every time I go outside there are swarms of mosquitoes that immediately attack.

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What is the point of warnings?

I cannot use my pool or sit in the garden without being bitten, sometimes by tiger mosquitoes. I recognise them by the stripes when I have killed them.

I have even been bitten in bed by mosquitoes that have somehow managed to get into the house, despite keeping windows tightly shut even during heatwaves.

I am not the only one affected, or complaining. My neighbours and friends are too.

What is the point of warnings if nothing is being done to stop the spread and protect people who live in rural areas close to standing water?

You can bet that if the Seine was full of them, something would be done.


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