Brittany Ferries reduces autumn Plymouth to Roscoff services

The company’s Armorique ship, which usually sails this route, will be redirected onto the Portsmouth to St Malo route

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Brittany Ferries has announced that it will be reducing the number of crossings it offers between Plymouth and Roscoff this autumn, with trips on its Armorique ship being cancelled.

The ferry company had planned to carry out four crossings on this ship each week between September 13 and October 31.

However, the Armorique will now be moved to the Portsmouth to St Malo route, replacing the Bretagne, which is currently laid up.

Between Plymouth and Roscoff, Brittany Ferries’ largest ship the Pont-Aven will sail twice a week until the end of October, when the route was already due to close for the winter season.

“The decision to reduce the number of sailings on the Plymouth/Roscoff route is due to the current government restrictions on international travel which have considerably reduced demand on all our routes,” a spokesperson for Brittany Ferries told The Connexion.

“This is due to the onerous requirements currently in place for travel from the UK to France and from France to the UK,” he added.

Until August 8, even fully vaccinated travellers had to quarantine for 10 days on their way back from France to the UK, and British passengers must still carry out multiple Covid-19 tests before and after they return to the country.

“We are still offering a normal service on our routes from Portsmouth to St Malo and Caen, and from Portsmouth and Plymouth to Spain,” as well as the reduced service from Plymouth to Roscoff and to Cherbourg, the Brittany Ferries spokesperson said.

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