Campaign for UK MPs to represent Britons abroad gains support

Several groups have teamed up to push for overseas constituencies

Campaign groups have produced briefing papers for UK political parties on overseas constituencies

A campaign for overseas constituencies and MPs for Britons abroad is gathering pace, with several organisations now supporting it.

European Britons has been circulating a letter people can use to contact British MPs.

Campaigners have also produced a briefing paper about the issues.

They hope MPs will support them by tabling parliamentary questions or early day motions, organising debates, and including the ideas in party manifestos.

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Some interest from UK political parties

Among the main UK parties, only the Liberal Democrats have in the past supported overseas constituencies, like those France already has for its citizens abroad.

The campaigners say the Labour Party recently requested briefing material.

Among those campaigning are Brex­pats Hear Our Voice, New Europeans UK, and Liberal Democrats Over­seas, as well as Dr Michaela Benson of Lancaster University.

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