Compensation paid to 72 Covid vaccine side-effects sufferers in France

A booster campaign for vulnerable groups will start again this autumn, including people aged 65 and over

In total, 150 million doses of Covid vaccine have been injected in France

Seventy-two people have received payouts from a state compensation fund after experiencing harmful side-effects from Covid vaccines.

Another 169 cases have been rejected and 768 out of 1,020 applications are still being assessed.

In total, 150 million doses were injected in France.

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Oniam compensates where no blame attached

The majority of people being compensated suffered from heart inflammation conditions after getting vaccinated.

A significant number related to neurological conditions, including 33 people who have suffered facial paralysis.

No information has been released about how much is being paid out by the Oniam fund, which compensates those who have suffered unfortunate medical outcomes where no blame is considered to attach to a medical professional or institution involved.

However, it is known that, all cases combined, Oniam pays out on average €105,880.

Booster for most vulnerable this autumn

The most vulnerable people have been invited to get Covid booster doses this year.

From this autumn, this will apply to anyone aged 65 or over, pregnant women, care home residents, and people whose pre-existing health conditions make them more vulnerable to serious forms of Covid, as well as those who live with them.

The boosters are fully state-reimbursed.

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