Corsica limits access to three of its major tourist sites

Visitor quotas have been introduced to popular sites including the Lavezzi islands in a bid to ‘put environmental safeguards in place…otherwise, everyone will lose out’ authorities say

The Lavezzi islands seen from a drone in Bonifacio, Corsica, France
Three areas including the Lavezzi islands have introduced visitor quotas in a bid to protect them
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Three major tourist sites on the island of Corsica have introduced visitor quotas this summer in a bid to protect them from the expected influx of holidaymakers.

The areas are:

  • The Lavezzi islands
  • The Restonica Valley
  • The Bavella Needles (Aiguilles de Bavella)

The limits will be in place all season, having been introduced at the start of this month (July).

Almost 2.5 million tourists visit Corsica every year, of which 180,000 visit the above three areas. That number is expected to rise to 200,000 by 2026.

The Lavezzi islands in particular will be limited to 2,000 people per day (except Environment Office staff, schoolchildren, supervised student groups or members of environmental associations).

To access the sites, visitors will need to make reservations online in advance. Residents of Corsica will be given priority.

Guy Armanet, president of the Corsican environmental office, explained to Le Figaro: ”We are entering into green management of our sites.

“Our interest is to protect [the space, which] will allow us to maintain economic activity as long as possible. If we don't put some safeguards in place, the environmental framework will deteriorate and we will be forced to take drastic measures. In that case, everyone will lose out.”

Authorities are also set to bring visitor limits to other sites on the island, including the popular GR20 hiking trail.

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