Europe? Better out than in...

JO French (Letters, August) has completely lost the plot. Britain is a democracy with a first past the post system.

If in an election, a Labour candidate gets 10,001 votes and in the same constituency a Tory gets 10,000 and all the other candidates get 5,000 votes it means those voting against Labour cast 15,000 but Labour still wins with 10,001 votes.

Socialism does not work well. Look at, North Korea, Zimbabwe, China, Russia, Cuba and now Venezuela. Only China is a success financially, they all have terrible human rights problems. Can anyone name six long-term successful socialist countries?

The EU is a socialist state. The richer countries pay in more, the poorer countries less per head. The EU takes about 5-10% off the top to pay for it’s rental buildings, to pay it’s salaries and it’s pensions etc. It then hands out more per head to the poorer countries and less per head to it’s richer countries. In my view, in the long term Britain will be better off out. Oh yes, I love France but hate its socialist bureaucracy.

Tony GOVER, Vaucluse