How to claim back money in France for a Covid test taken abroad

You can get up to €50 back for tests taken within the EU for medical or travel reasons, while 27% of the cost of a test taken outside of the EU is covered, but only if it is taken for medical reasons

A woman is tested for Covid-19 via a nasal swab
Covid tests should be cheaply available in EU countries this summer

France will reimburse its residents who have to get Covid-19 tests while travelling in the EU for costs up to €50.

Anyone who has to get a PCR or antigen test for medical reasons (presence of Covid-19 symptoms) or administrative reasons (when they are mandatory to enter or leave an EU state), will be able to claim back money up to €50.

The EU has agreed as part of its planned Covid-19 travel certificates that the cost of tests within the block will be kept low, meaning the €50 should cover the full cost of the test in most cases.

France will also offer free PCR tests to all visiting tourists this summer.

People travelling to non-EU countries, such as the UK and the US, will be able to be reimbursed for Covid-19 tests taken only for medical reasons, up to 27% of the cost.

This means that if you are a French resident and are covered by French health insurance and you travel to a non-EU country and develop Covid-19 symptoms and have to pay for a test, you will be able to claim back 27% of the expense.

If you have a test as part of a requirement for travel, you will not be able to claim the money back.

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The UK offers free Covid-19 tests to anyone with symptoms. Read more about how to get a free test in the UK here.

How to claim back the money

If you have to get a Covid-19 test while travelling in an EU country for medical reasons, you should present your European health insurance card at the moment of the test.

This card is known as a carte européenne d’Assurance Maladie (CEAM) in France. It will mean that the cost of the test will be covered at the time.

If you have to get a test for an administrative reason related to travel or do not have one of these cards, then you can claim back the money when you return through France’s state health insurance service.

You need to fill out the form "S3125 soins reçus à l’étranger” and submit it to the Assurance Maladie.

If you have to take a test for medical reasons while travelling outside of the EU, you should complete the same form and attach either a medical prescription or a medical certificate to prove that you took the test for medical reasons.

For more information see the Ameli information page here.

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